Using Old Technology to Win Product Battles

Newer, faster, shinier – those are all matters that every product manager needs their product to be. Our hearts are full of product lust when we see other merchandise, in our area or not, that have the latest & finest bells and whistles. Oh if best our product could have that cool new era additionally. Hang on a minute, it turns out that our products may definitely be more a hit in the event that they don’t have that cool new technology…

Life Support For Products
If we are able to recover from that new era lust issue, then perhaps we are able to speak rationally approximately this. It turns out that in case you really want to help your agency’s backside line, then what your product may really want is incremental innovation, now not revolutionary innovation.

I’m not a dreamer – I recognise that VHS tapes, typewriters, and CRT televisions aren’t going to be creating a surprising comeback each time soon. The harsh, bloodless reality is that the technology that your product is based totally on is finally going to up and die someday. A product supervisor’s process is to recognize this and to try to push that day off into the destiny as some distance as he / she in all likelihood can.

Harvard’s Dr. Mary Tripsas has seemed into just how this may be performed. She believes that product managers can work to proactively control the innovation endgame.

What this means to your product is that continuing improvements to increase the existence of its technology, specifically after you comprehend just how attractive the earnings margins on the old generation are, may be a wise enterprise selection – and now not always a reflection of narrow-mindedness of a product supervisor who is unwilling to peer the future.

Making The Technology Jump – Or Not
Ultimately a product manger is accountable for the success of his / her product. When it involves the technology that the product is construct the use of, the product supervisor’s #1 goal has to be to locate ways to increase the existence of the product while nonetheless persevering with to make the maximum quantity of earnings.

As a brand new generation arrives at the scene, the product supervisor wishes to maintain the antique product alive long enough that the corporation can design, broaden, and release new products that comprise the new technologies. The secret’s to locating out HOW to go approximately doing this.

Customers Come First
The secret to understanding how great to time your bounce to a new generation is to watch your clients. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and they all have specific ranges of tolerance for handling the risk that new technology can carry to the table.

What you want to understand as a product supervisor is that your customers are all going to be transferring at one of a kind speeds. Sure, a few will begin asking approximately a new generation the primary time that they examine about it in a change rag; but, the good sized majority of your clients are extra focused on strolling their commercial enterprise than what technology your product is constructed on.

Generally, adopting a product this is built the usage of new era would require a touch or a variety of investment to your purchaser’s part as a way to be capable of assist the new era. The large the funding, the longer maximum of your customers will need to dispose of making it.

How Product Mangers Can Balance Both Worlds
It is the duty of the product supervisor to provide you with approaches that your clients can gradually pass into the future using new technology on their very own schedule.

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